About Us
Who We Are ?

Who We Are ?

Nesil Limited Company active for 35 years in the field and has been supplying goods to gross and retail customers by providing reasonable prices with wide delivery network and branch offices.

As Nesil Limited Company we have 10.000 square meters indoor, 5.500 square meters open area service.

We have hundreds of cooperations with local, national and international manufacturers with 35 years of experience. Nesil Limited Company gives great importance to compliance with

international standards and to continuous improvement in each country it is present. Through the trust we provided for many years, our trading relationship has reached the point of partnership. Nesil Limited Company has gained its stakeholders' trust by creating value for them through providing fast, high qulity and people oriented services.

Thanks to this experience and extensive service network, we are able to find answers to market searchs for our business partners from the food and non-food sector in the domestic market. And also we represent export departments for aforementioned business partners.

We provide market expansion solutions for our partners all over the World. Within the boundaries of our business,

For business partners who want to expand their sales network;

  • Providing market information, reaching new and target markets,
  • Providing technical, theoretical and practical support for export processes,
  • Reaching new customers in overseas markets,
  • Creating a new brand and making it widespread,
  • Representation in international fairs,
  • To inform about export incentives,


For business partners who want to purchase and procurement;

  • Easy access to price information related to the target product from around the World,
  • Provide high quality products with wide range for target market,
  • Checking the suitability of domestic products for overseas buyers population structure and culture,
  • Preparation and management of contract process between the parties,
  • Providing ship and customs affairs agents for transport processes,
  • Direct communication with manufacturers,
  • Offer the opportunity to work with a reliable partner in a new and foreign country,
  • Offer the  after-sales activity planning,

We are able to provide all the services mentioned above.

  • An opportunity to make sales in new countries and markets,
  • A wider sales network in existing markets,
  • To increase the marketing experience with professional, skilled and versed staff,
  • To produce export-ready products,
  • Providing the proper departmental services within the firm,
  • Obtain current market information,
  • To have detailed written contracts that protect the rights of the parties,

These are the main supports we provide to our business partners working with our company.